WHEN EMAILING ME: Please include the following info...

1. What you want to get tattooed in detail. Where exactly on the body and what size? What is the vision for the tattoo? Feel free to send photos of other tattoos if they help to illustrate the overall effect of the piece you want.

2. How specific are you when it comes to the tattoo design? What level of creative control do you require for the process? How much creative freedom are you willing to allow me? Do you have an exact vision for your tattoo or are you totally open to getting your idea done in a new and unique way?

2. Whether or not you are local to the New York area. If not, where will you be traveling from?

3. What is your overall experience with being tattooed and how well do you typically sit for the process of being tattooed? I usually find that the more experience someone has with the process the more realistic their idea is of how things will go. How soon, how much, how often, that kind of thing. *(with the advent of nonsense tattoo reality shows and the subsequent misinformation floating around because of them, and the internet in general, I like to find out in advance what the potential client expects of the process. To determine if it's a realistic expectation or not.)

4. Have we  already met and if so, have we already discussed the design. Are you a tattooer? Or have you already been tattooed by someone I know?

5. Which location you would prefer and if you're open to either location depending on availability. The private studio is about an hour north of Manhattan via train and/or car. My availability at Kings Ave in the city is far less than at the private space as one can imagine. I pretty much use the city shop for completing long time city and Brooklyn clients and I use the private studio for new clients and others from all over the world. *TATTOO DESIGNS FROM THE SKETCHBOOK, PRINTS and SHIRTS are only available at my PRIVATE STUDIO.

*** I stay busy but love to take on new clients whenever possible. .Serious inquires only.

 *** Please allow a week or two for a response to your email. 

Thank you for your interest in my work!!! -Chris O'Donnell 2017