By Appointment Only


*When emailing me, please include a detailed description of what you want and where you want it as well as what level of experience you already have with being tattooed. Also let me know if we have some kind of mutual connection. Please include where you are traveling from as well.

*My hourly rate is $250 an hour.

*I don't give price quotes and/or time estimates for multiple session work. I'm a very fast and efficient tattooer and I can get a lot done each session but every project is different and it's too difficult to guess how long something will take with any kind of accuracy. I usually prefer to do the larger work on people that already have a really good understanding of how the process works. People that are already familiar with what it takes to complete a sometimes difficult and painful process.

* I love doing single session tattoos as well and I usually price these by the piece beforehand. I also have a sketchbook filled with designs I want to tattoo. This can only be viewed in person and usually right before the session. 

* I work in Manhattan Tuesdays and Fridays. I'm usually booked pretty far out in the city location accommodating my long time, already in-progress city clients. I work in the private studio Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

* I usually just take on enough clients at a time to keep myself booked up for about 3 months. This enables me to stay organized and helps me maintain the personal touch of getting to know my clients and to ensure I'm doing a tattoo on them they can really love. This method of scheduling  also helps me get everyone already in-progress completed in a timely fashion.

*I can only take on a certain number of clients at a time so naturally I pick and choose the ideas that sound like the most fun on the most easy going people wiling to let me have a good amount of creative freedom with the design process. Not complete control, just some creative leeway. Basically, I like to tattoo the client's idea in my style. If you are very particular about every detail or are just looking for a solid technician to realize the image in your head I would recommend KINGSAVENUETATTOO.COM They have some of the best tattooers in the world.

Thank you for your interest in my work! -Chris O'Donnell 2017