By Appointment Only

I tattoo in my PRIVATE STUDIO in the town of POUND RIDGE NY

***I'm only taking on new clients for the private studio.


1. What subject or subjects do you want to get tattooed? What details are absolutely necessary?

2. Size of tattoo and location on your body?

3. On a scale of 1-10 how much creative freedom are you willing to allow me? (1 being the lowest amount of creative freedom, 10-being the highest.) -Just curious.

4. Are you already tattooed? If so, to what extent generally speaking?

5. How well and how long do you usually sit for the somewhat painful process of being tattooed?

6. Do we have any mutual connection at all? Are you a tattooer? Are you tattooed by someone I know? Do we have any mutual friends? etc...

7. Where do you live or where will you be traveling from?


*No exact price quotes on multiple session work. It can be too difficult to hazard a guess with every tattoo being so different.

*It may take me a week or two to respond to your email. Thank you for your patience!

-Chris O'Donnell 2018