By Appointment Only



I love taking on new clients for both single session and large scale work whenever possible.

When emailing me, please include a detailed description of what you want and where you want it as well as what level of experience you already have with being tattooed. Also let me know if we have some kind of MUTUAL CONNECTION.  The Internet can be a particularly creepy place so any reference point for who you are is helpful. Mutual friends? You're a tattooer? You've been tattooed by someone I know?, that type of thing. Feel free to introduce yourself if you happen to see me at Kings Ave as well.

*I'm only taking on new work at the private studio location. It's where I tattoo the majority of the time.

*No price quotes on large scale work. Every project is different and it's usually too difficult to hazard a guess. I can usually give a price up front for single session tattoos, like designs selected from my sketchbook (Read below)

*THE SKETCHBOOK- It's basically a file of mostly single session designs (hundreds) that i've drawn for tattooing. Designs that I want to do on people. These can not be previewed. The selection is made the day of the appointment, just before we start the tattoo. This is more for collectors and other tattooers that are just looking to get a piece from me and aren't too particular about the details. Just for fun. Not a great option for the first timer or someone looking for something overly meaningful and personal.

Thank you for your interest in my work! -Chris O'Donnell 2017