Limited run of 1000 copies...

The first book from Afterlife Press, a publishing company owned and operated by tattooer Zac Scheinbaum is now up for pre-order for the U.S. This is vol.1 of an on going series and I'm very happy to be featured in the first book along side my old friend GRIME. Zac says the books to the U.S. will ship in December and availability to the rest of the world will be very soon after. Lucky Supply Europe will handle European sales. AFTERLIFEPRESS.COM


In-progress Oiwa...

This design is closely based on one originally created by Utagawa Kuniyoshi. This part will be finished soon. One small part of a ghost and demon bodysuit.

In-progress tattoo by Chris O'Donnell 2017

In-progress tattoo by Chris O'Donnell 2017