I'm only taking on new clients...

...at the private studio in Pound Ridge, New York. My Manhattan days are packed maintaining progress on clients that I've been working on in the city for years. The only openings I'll have for new clients in the near future are at the private studio. I'm going to get moving again on the schedule around Jan 1st for new people, both for big work and tattoos from the sketchbook. I do everything myself so I have to keep everything contained and manageable in the meantime. That's why I don't book too far in advance, it just gets difficult to keep it all organized. Check the INFO section of this site for more detailed information. Thank you! -Chris

Tattoo drawings by ChrisO'Donnell 2017 

Tattoo drawings by ChrisO'Donnell 2017 

New Private Studio coming soon!

In Pound Ridge, New York. About an hour north of Manhattan. Walking distance from my home. Renovations starting early next week. Very excited to get in there!

Grime creating the AfterLife logo....

The book seems to be on schedule. Probably out around fall from what I'm told. I'm really impressed with what I've seen already. Zac Scheinbaum is hard at work to realize his literary vision. More updates HERE when they complete the site.

Afterlife Press.

Zac Scheinbaum is putting together a book series. Vol. 1 features myself and Grime. More info soon. 

More progress on Joseph.

Got to do the gruesome part of this one the other day at Kings Avenue in Manhattan.

In-progress tattoo by Chris O'Donnell 2017

In-progress tattoo by Chris O'Donnell 2017