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Farewell New York Adorned !!!

...the tattooing part at least. It'll still be there as a piercing and jewelry store along with all of the Love Adorned stores. I worked at NYA for just about 10 years and it was truly the perfect way to experience New York City, especially in my mid 20's to mid 30's. It was such a fun place to work, perfectly located in the East Village/Lower East Side and Lori Leven and the whole crew provided me with a built in New York family. We really had the best time. It would be impossible to put into words. I'm sure I'll do a few more posts about it soon. I'm really thankful to have been there when I was and to still consider everyone there family. People that I will always know and appreciate. New York Adorned will always be a huge part of my history. NEW YORK ADORNED LOVE ADORNED NYA GUEST SHOP

New York Adorned circa 1999

New York Adorned circa 1999

Timothy Hoyer interview on Invisible Radio!!!

Timothy Hoyer and Troy Denning, two of my greatest friends got together last night and talked about the Ink Spot, Primal Urge, Alive Gallery, New York Adorned, Eddy Deutsche, Marcus Pacheco, Elio Espana, Aaron Cain, Guy Aitchison, The Big Four, Jeff Rassier, 222, Chris Trevino, Absolute Art and so much more. And that's only part 1 of 2. Timothy is one of the greatest tattooers alive and I'm glad we get to hear so much of his perspective on this Podcast. Looking forward to the follow up interview. Invisible Radio Podcast. You can get it on iTunes. FREE!!